Romantic Gestures That Cost Nothing

If you want to add a spark to an older relationship or turn up the heat on a new one, thoughtful expressions of feelings can do the trick. An impersonal gift or overspending on a date to try to make an impression don’t show you care enough to make a personal attempt to reach out to your special someone. Romance comes form the heart, not the wallet–look to express yourself from the former, not the latter.

Romantic gestures often demonstrate thoughtfulness and effort.

Foot Massage
Both and, two relationship-oriented websites, list a spontaneous foot massage as number one on their lists of romantic gesture. Women often spend their days in heels, and a foot massage is more than just romantic, it’s therapeutic. Giving her a foot massage also lets her know you’re willing to do the work and let her lay back and enjoy.

Write a Letter
In this day and age of couples communicating by email, texts and cell phones, a hand-written letter as a demonstration of thoughtfulness and caring. If you’re not a poet or great wordsmith, just the fact that you took the time to put pen to paper will send a loving message. The contents can be a re-affirmation of your feelings, list of things that make you love him or a simple thank-you for the relationship.

Cook Dinner
The worse a cook you are, the more romantic it is that you tried. Go online, find a recipe for one of his favorite dishes and practice it. Call your mother or best gal-pal and have her teach you how to make a romantic dinner for your guy. Pay attention to the details, including how you set the table and what wine you serve. Don’t serve butter or sour cream in their plastic containers–transfer them to serving dishes.

Dance Spontaneously
You don’t have to be a great dancer or make a night of it to use a dance to touch her heart. If a slow song comes on the TV or radio while you’re making dinner, doing the laundry or in a secluded hallway. If you hear music or over the speakers in an empty parking lot after dinner, be spontaneous and ask her to dance. The more surprising the time and place, the more romantic the gesture.