Benefits of Eating Peanut ButterĀ 

Peanut butter, once a scourge among healthy eating advocates, is now a darling of the nutrition community. High in protein and “good” fats, this once-humble sandwich spread is now known to help prevent or reduce Type 2 diabetes, gallstones, cholesterol, cancer and cholesterol. It can even help your sex life!

Adding peanut butter to your diet is a smart, healthy choice

Improves Blood Cholesterol

Most of the fats contained in peanut butter are monounsaturated fats, which lower “bad” cholesterol (low-density lipids) and raise high-density lipids (HDL), the “good” cholesterol, according to the according to the Mayo Clinic. Monounsaturated fatsfound in peanut butter improve anti-inflammatory abilities in HDL.

May Help Prevent Diabetes

According to research by the Harvard School of Public Health, published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association,” peanut butter helps significantly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Eating an ounce of peanut butter, five times per week, helps decrease the risk of developing this serious disease by as much as 27 percent.

Can Reduce Heart Disease

According to the Peanut Institute, studies like the Physicians Health Study, Iowa Women’s Health Study and Adventists Health Study, found nut consumption, including peanuts, reduced the risk of heart disease by as much as 25 percent.

Provides Fiber

Peanut butter is high in dietary fiber, which reduces instances of colorectal cancer and regulates blood sugar and cholesterol. Fiber also helps prevent atherosclerosis, which leads to hardening of the arteries.

Contains Vitamins & Minerals

Peanut butter is about 24 percent protein by weight and is a good source of Vitamins E and B6, iron, folate, niacin, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, manganese and calcium. Niacin plays an important function in the secretion of sexual hormones, and the “Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry” reported that niacin provides protection against Alzheimer’s.

Resveratrol Source

Peanut butter contains resveratrol, an antimicrobial agent that helps fight bacteria, viruses and molds. According to the Peanut Institute, research on resveratrol and mice has found benefits including anti-aging, cancer prevention and anti-inflammation.

Reduces Gallstone Development

A Nurse’s Health Study found that women who at ate least 1 oz. of nuts or peanut butter each week decreased gallstone development by 25 percent compared to those women who did not eat nuts.