Ways to be a Good Husband 

Just loving your wife isn’t enough to fulfill your role as a husband. Maintaining a healthy, fair relationship means contributing in everyday ways, such as helping with housekeeping and children. Being a good husband takes work, and knowing where you can contribute is the first step toward building a strong relationship.

Understand your wife’s family responsibilities and offer to help.

Be Financially Responsible & Communicative

Just bringing home the bacon isn’t enough, according to Dr. Paul Dobransky, founder of the website WomensHappiness.com. If your wife handles the checkbook and pays the bills, get more involved to let her know you are interested in and willing to share the pressure of the household budgeting process. Dobransky, a psychiatrist, says women might perceive men who are irresponsible with their money in the same light as men who cheat–they don’t take the relationship seriously. On the other side of the coin, a woman may view a man who is a cheapskate as selfish, leading to similar behavior in bed, with child-rearing responsibilities or during an argument.

Be an Involved Father

Today’s fathers are more likely to be involved with their children, in part because they aren’t as afraid to not be perfect, according to writer Nancy Gibbs, author of the Time magazine article, “Parenting Advice: What Moms Should Learn From Dads.” Gibbs believes men who make good fathers understand they will make mistakes, and are self-deprecating about it–advice women should heed. Don’t worry about putting on a diaper the wrong way the first time you try, or not knowing your child’s favorite bedtime book. While women are protective of their maternal role, your wife will loosen her reins and appreciate your efforts once she sees you are in sincere about wanting to help her with the kids.

Pull, Don’t Push

Physical attraction remains an important part of a healthy marriage, and you should do your part to stay in shape, be well-groomed and keep up your appearance for your mate. If you’d like your wife to do the same, don’t criticize her. Rather than telling her she’s put on weight or isn’t as attractive as she once was, ask her if she would like to join you in getting back in shape–even under the guise of doing it for your health. The key to being a good husband in this scenario is to lead by example. Don’t suggest to your wife that she eat healthy or exercise if you aren’t willing to do the same.