Tips to Attract Men

While you can use your physical assets and wardrobe to catch the eye of a man, makeup, hair styles and clothing can only help so much in the search for Mr. Right. Making yourself stand out from other women during that critical time of first impressions is key to helping you find, and catch, a man you’re interested in.

Hunt in Packs of Three

If you’re in a group of more than three women, that makes it more intimidating for a man to approach you. If you’re with only one girlfriend, a man may feel you won’t want to speak with him exclusively at the expense of leaving your friend alone. If you’re with two other women, they can talk with each other while you and he can get to know each other.

Dress the Part

If you are looking for a regular guy, don’t go to happy hour in your best power suit. A man who makes less than six figures may consider you high maintenance if your outfit, jewelry, shoes, handbag and coif equal more than his weekly salary. On the flip side, jeans and a ponytail protruding from a baseball cap may be perfect for meeting a guy who’s heavily into participant sports, but won’t show you’re serious to a fellow executive who’s looking for a women who is self-sufficient and takes her career seriously.

Have a Drink

If you have a drink in your hand, it sends a message that you’re staying, not heading out soon or just arriving and looking for your friends. Standing without a drink also requires a polite gentleman to offer to buy you one, leading to an awkward situation for you if you find you’re not interested in him after your drink arrives. Cosmopolitan also suggests that men don’t want to feel as if a woman is waiting for a guy to buy her a drink–a sign she may be looking for something for nothing.

Work your Body Language

Women who are interested in a man they see don’t slouch, and “perking up” your body with erect posture and shoulders back is a positive sign. Holding eye contact and smiling are two very personal signals you can send to a man that you’reinterested. If you haven’t met yet, smiling and gazing from across the room sends a signal you’re interested and want to meet. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and you’re looking at your feet or around the room, he may feel he hasn’t impressed you. A smile while you talk is a sign of positive emotion, while no expression doesn’t let him know whether or not you’re clicking.

Some dating experts suggest an up-down-up eye contact pattern to attract men. First, look him in the eye and hold eye contact until you are sure he’s connected with you. Next, briefly look down at your lap or purse to remove any aggressiveness from your demeanor–looking down sends a passive signal, according to the site. Quickly look back up and re-connect to let him know your eye contact was no accident.