Shopping for Discount Furniture

Shopping for discount furniture has never been easier or more affordable, based on new marketing strategies by manufacturers, Internet shopping options and a depressed housing market that has affected related industries, like furniture, as well. Keeping several helpful tips in mind, you can find the discounted furniture you want, buy it new or used and ensure that you get the quality you pay for.

Shopping Online

If you are set on buying new furniture, look for sites that feature brand name items from reputable manufacturers that have been discounted, are overstocked or are being discontinued.

Many manufacturers are selling their excess inventory online, rather than unloading stock on their wholesalers and retailers by offering them big discounts. This eliminates the middleman and lets manufacturers sell to you cheaper. Don’t just go to a manufacturer’s website to find out what discounts they are offering. Check out websites like eBay, and even Craigslist to find great deals on new furniture.

Put keywords into search engines that narrow down your search, and you’ll find many websites offering discounted furniture. For example, don’t put, “Discounted bedroom furniture,” into a search engine. Add words like, “maple,” “Queen,” and “children” to find the specific pieces you want. Use more than one keyword or set of keywords to locate the same piece of furniture. Try, “dresser,” “chest of drawers,” and “wardrobe,” when shopping for bedroom furniture.

If your definition of discount furniture includes used furniture, the Internet is awash in great deals on dining room, living room, bed room, kitchen and home office furniture from individuals facing financial problems.

Shopping In Person

The Internet may not be the best place to find discounted furniture for several reasons. You may want to see items in person before you buy them, you may pay more shopping online if shipping adds too large a cost to your purchase, you may have to drive an hour or more for certain pieces you want and you’ll have to trust the seller you buy from.

In addition to online sources, you may have discount outlets near you. Check the classified ads in your local newspaper, looking for estate, yard, garage and church sales. Thrift stores are getting more high-quality furniture in this difficult economy. You can search Craigslist and eBay by geography, seeing pictures of furniture, descriptions, measurements and prices before you decide to drive over and view the items. Don’t be afraid to check our pawn shops, which often pick up items very cheap, passing savings on to you.

Payment & Delivery

If you buy online or pay cash to an individual, be prepared in advance. PayPal is an easy-to-use service that lets you send people money from your bank account via e-mail. It is secure, with more than 90 million consumers using it on a regular basis. If you buy from consumer, rather than a business, be prepared to pay cash.

You will most likely not be able to return your purchase from an individual, so thoroughly inspect items before you pay for them. Ask to see an item fully assembled and disassemble it yourself so you can inspect it, then learn how to put it together when you get it home.

If you make a purchase on eBay, check the seller’s rating. eBay buyers rate their seller after they make a purchase, letting you know if the seller advertises the items accurately, fulfills his or her promises and delivers the items correctly.

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