Ideas for Meeting Single Women

Meeting single women is easy. Connecting with them is the challenge. Any man can walk into a bar, grocery store, coffee shop or hair salon armed with pickup lines, but you may not find the type of women you’re seeking. If you’re a fish out of water in the location you’ve chosen to look for a partner, the women you meet are likely to sense that. Take a serious look at your life interests and increase your chances of finding a compatible female by going to places, events and activities that interest you.


You won’t meet women reading the book that’s currently got you enthralled if you’re reading it in your living room. You must get out of the house on a regular basis and do things you normally do at home away from the house, if possible. If you truly enjoy reading and discussing what you read, make regular visits to one or more local bookstores to meet women who share your interest.

Stretch your time in the store with a cup of coffee and a pastry, and bring your laptop if the store allows it. You can browse info on authors of books you’re seeing, read reviews and show you’re engaged in the whole bookstore/reading process. Buying the paper and doing the crossword puzzle kills time and might offer an opportunity for an opening line as you ask for help with a clue.


Who do you think walks all those lonely dogs at your local animal shelter? Women melt for men who love pets, because its shows they can give love to a creature in need. Don’t do this as a scam — if you don’t like pets, you’ll wind up dating someone with one or more. (Dog parks are a great locale for finding a human partner, too). Take part in a local stream or trail clean up, offer to help with youth sports program (be prepared to submit to a background check) or mentor students.

Houses of Worship

If you’re not a spiritual person, you can still meet single women at a church, synagogue or mosque. But that attractive blonde you chatted up after services, and who agreed to have dinner with will probably be more interested in a long-term relationship and discussing your religious beliefs than you may be. If you’re happy going to church or temple because of the spiritual uplift it brings you, search for a house of worship with a large, active member base. Look at its annual calendar of activities for study programs, sports leagues, ski trips or other outings.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a drop-in workout program that combines music, instruction, fast-paced drills and stretching to promote aerobic fitness and weight loss. The Tennis Industry Association encourages tennis facilities across the country to run Cardio Tennis programs, and there’s a good chance there’s one in your town. The program may be free at your club, or have a small fee at a public facility.