How to Make Working Out on the Tony Little Gazelle Crosstrainer More Intense

There are four basic ways to make a Gazelle workout more intense: add sprints to a cardio workout; perform interval training; increase the resistance setting; use the right moves.

Gazelle workouts

Gazelles help you create specific workouts.

You can increase your calorie burning or muscle building on a Gazelle exercise machine using a variety of these techniques. If you don’t have a Gazelle with resistance, you’ll have to rely on speed and good body mechanics to avoid “coasting” and decreasing muscle use. Matching the Gazelle’s capabilities to your goals to create more intense workouts will help you meet your fitness goals.

Raise or lower the resistance settings on a Gazelle for more intensity

Warm Up Properly

If you warm up before you start intense exercise, your muscles and cardio systems begin working in-synch from the start. Perform a warmup either on or off the machine, consisting of approximately five minutes of moderately intense muscle movements that gradually raise your heart rate, increase blood flow to the muscles and stretch your muscles.

Add Sprints to Aerobic Workouts

Add “power sprints” to your aerobic workouts to increase the intensity of a cardio routine. During the main portion of an aerobic workout, exercise at the maximum pace you can maintain for 30 minutes or longer for an aerobic workout, making sure you can talk during your entire workout. If you can’t talk, you have entered the anaerobic zone and may soon fatigue. Every five minutes or so, move the hand levers and pedals at a rate close to your maximum intensity for 30 to 90 seconds, then recover at a slightly slower pace than your aerobic rate of exercise for a minute or so. Return to your aerobic pace.

Talk to your doctor before adding sprints to your workout routine.

Create an Interval Workout

If you decrease the resistance setting on the Gazelle (or use one without resistance), you can raise the speed of your movements without fatiguing to muscle failure after a short period of time.

Work at near-maximum intensity for 30 to 90 seconds, then work at a moderate speed for two minutes or so while you catch your breath to create anaerobic, or sprint training workouts (also known as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts).

Use More Resistance

Increase the resistance setting on the Gazelle to require more muscular effort to move the arm levers and foot pedals. Perform your workout using the a variety of specific Gazelle exercises until your muscles begin to “burn.” Perform several more repetitions, then change exercises.

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Perform your Moves Correctly

Avoid the “coasting” that can occur on a Gazelle when you start moving fast. Move the levers and pedals making sure you use your arms and legs, rather than the swinging momentum that builds up as you move. Try using only your arms, increasing the muscular effort from your biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals and lats. Lean forward, then backward and hold your elbows close to your body, then move them away from your sides to vary the muscles you use.

Use only your lower body to move the levers and pedals, increasing the muscular effort from your quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, buttocks and hip flexors. Lean forward, then backward to change the emphasis you place on these muscles. Stand on your toes to emphasize the calves.

Consult a fitness professional or physician before beginning an exercise routine, especially if you plan on performing anaerobic workouts.

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