How to Build Stamina Riding a Bike

To build stamina riding a bike, you’ll need to work longer, rather than harder. Stamina, also known as endurance, is your ability to perform physical activity over a period of time. Training on an indoor or road bike at the right intensity and for adequate durations will help you expand your cardio stamina and muscular endurance.

Pedal at a pace that lets you continue exercising to build stamina

Set up your bike for a comfortable ride. Adjust the screws or other device on the seat and handlebars so you can pedal for many minutes without straining your back. Find a stable bike trainer if you will be using a road bike indoors. Find an outdoor course with mostly flat terrain that lets you ride without having to stop.

Warm up by pedaling at a moderate pace while you gently stretch and warm your muscles and elevate your heart rate. Do not static stretch shortly before your workout. Static stretching desensitizes your muscles and decreases power for 15 minutes or longer afterward.

Pedal at the maximum speed that will let you continue to ride for 15 minutes or longer. The longer you ride, the more you build stamina. Working very hard for a shorter period will burn more calories, rather than building stamina. Drink water to prevent cramping.

Increase the pace of your workouts as you continue to exercise. Track your speed, length of workout and average heart rate for each workout. Increase your workout duration, speed and heart rate to build stamina.

Add sprints to your ride to add more cardio work. Ride at a high intensity for 30 to 90 seconds, then go back to your normal pace. You can sprint by decreasing your gear setting and pedaling faster, or by raising your gear setting and pedaling harder. Add several sprints to each workout.

Cool down by reducing your pedaling rate to let your heart rate decrease. Take up to five minutes to bring your heart rate down, getting closer to your resting heart rate. Finish your workout with a stretch to improve flexibility for future rides and to decrease muscle soreness later.

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