How Custom Hybrid Golf Clubs Improve Your Game 

Hybrid golf clubs, also known as rescue clubs for their ability to help “rescue” players from difficult lies, marry a shorter, flexible shaft with a smaller, narrower head. The benefits of a hybrid club can be improved if they are custom-fitted to address your physical attributes and swing style.

Better Club Setup

Hybrids help you play better by addressing difficult situations (for example, a ball in the rough) with club characteristics that help solve those problems. For example, your club head speed will slow more as the club travels through higher, thicker grass than it will if the same club is hit from a trimmed fairway. With their smaller heads, hybrid clubs have less resistance against thicker grass, allowing you to maintain head speed. A hybrid’s smaller head counters the decrease in speed caused by the shorter length of these clubs that is needed to help maintain control over the difficult shot. Finally, a hybrid club has a higher degree of loft than a fairway wood, allowing a player facing a difficult shot to get the ball into the air more easily.

Tailored to Your Size, Game Style and Needs

Despite the specific features of a hybrid and the benefits they offer, they will not perform the same for all players, as clubs play differently for different players. A custom-made hybrid club takes into consideration the player’s height, swing speed, skill level and body strength. Carefully matching a hybrid club’s benefits to a particular player’s needs will ensure the best possible hybrid club for that player.

Fitting You, not the Club

Having a club custom made allows the maker to use the materials, flex, club head type and length that will most benefit the player. For example, while a hybrid club’s shorter length provides more control, an advanced player may not need that extra control, and so a slightly longer hybrid club might be made for a 6’2″ male with a low handicap, while a 6’2″ male player with less skill might benefit from a shorter hybrid club of the same number. A more skilled woman might desire a slightly stiffer hybrid than a higher-handicap female player using the same hybrid club. Even two players of the same gender, weight and skill level may require a different club because of their difference in height.