Great Places to Meet Men

“Great” is a subjective term when it comes to finding places to meet eligible males. If you dread wading through the large number of men out there until you meet your Prince Charming, you’ll want to narrow things down so you can meet men with interests similar to yours. To find those men, you’ll need to drop your line where the fish are.

Adult Sports Leagues

Men play softball, tennis, pickup basketball, volleyball, golf and many other sports well into their senior years. Many play on teams or in leagues where large groups gather. The Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association, for example, has thousands of matches during mixed doubles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles seasons, with tables piled with food and drink, often beckoning more spectators than players. If you have a friend in a sports league, offer to come watch his or her game or match — they might have a handsome teammate you can reel in. Getting known by their teammate might result in, “Who was Jenny’s friend who came to our match last weekend? She might be a good match for Hank.”

Youth Sports Events

If you’re a single mother, men without children may be gun-shy about dating you. Single men with children are a different story. They are often involved in their kids’ soccer games or coaching their baseball teams. You’ll automatically have something in common with those men, won’t need to fake a reason to talk to them, and they’ll be more receptive to you. Even if you’re single and don’t mind meeting a divorced dad with kids, tag along with one of your married friends to watch a youth sports game to cast your net wider.

Must Love Dog Parks

Pet owners have shown they are willing to make a love commitment to another sentient creature. If you meet a man playing with his pooch, you won’t have to worry about whether or not he’s a “dog person” or will toss you back when he finds out about your Fifi. Find dog parks in your area and check them out without your pet before you go to get a feel for the scene. Once you’re ready, bring a ball you can toss to your dog — it might “accidentally” land near the feet of a handsome guy.


Spirituality is important to many people, and starting a relationship with a purely secular man may be difficult. If you’re looking for someone with a foundation in faith, especially your own, attend different churches or get more involved in your church beyond weekend services. Any man you meet may well share many of your values and ethics, making a potential relationship more stable and easier for you to become hooked on him.

Re-Think your Gym Strategy

Most men who go to the gym have some pride in themselves and take good health seriously. You can separate the muscle heads and body builders from a more average guy fairly quickly by looking at their dress, physique and what equipment they use. If you take care of yourself, you may also be involved in a sport or two, and so will many men you meet at a gym or fitness center.

If you play a sport, like tennis or soccer, bring or wear something that tells the guys that. Do the same if you follow a particular sports team. You’ve now got an instant conversation starter with a guy with a similar interest.

If you have a membership at a fitness center and haven’t had luck there, try visiting other fitness centers in your area and see if someone takes the bait. Don’t be shy about playing the damsel in distress and asking a cute guy for help using a machine.