Calories Burned by Activity

Which burns more calories, a treadmill or an elliptical? Is an Aerobics class or jogging better for weight loss? Is it true you burn more calories playing tennis even though the ball is in play only 15 minutes of every hour?*

If you’re starting a weight-loss program, want to add more variety to your workouts, or want to know if the workouts you’re doing burn as many calories as you think, you have access to several online resources to help you determine your calorie burn, based on activity.


Some organizations, like the Mayo Clinic, publish calorie-burn charts, which show you the calories burned per hour doing a certain exercise. For example, walking at 2 mph burns 183 calories per hour in a 160-lb. person, according to Mayo. Increase your speed to a brisk 3.5 mph and you’ll burn 277 calories per hour.

Online calculators let you input your exact weight, then pick your activity and intensity level to determine your calorie burn.

*Yes, you do. Tennis is an anaerobic sport, and singles creates a higher calorie burn than aerobics—and, a much longer post-workout calorie burn. You alsoget the benefit of the many recovery periods that strengthen your heart, lungs and muscular system each time . . . an important health benefit you don’t get with aerobic exercise. 

Calories-Burned Charts

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