About SHL

The information on this site comes from the expert research and advice of exercise physiologists, dieticians, biomechanists, health agencies, hospitals, clinics, universities, government entities and other experts via the research of an internationally renowned sport science journalist.

This site contains and recommends no proprietary “systems” or “methods.”

Because of the increasing stalking and harassment taking place on the Internet, I do not include a byline on the articles on this site. And, because none of this information comes from my theories or ideas, no byline is necessary. Many of the articles include references from which the content was developed, or which supports the information in the articles.

I have been an executive director of international and national sports organizations, have had articles published in well-known consumer sports and fitness magazines, delivered sport science seminars and lectures internationally to a number of sports federation’s coaches, produced award-winning sport videos, written coaching and training books, am a certified instructor by an international sports body and work on a first-name basis with many internationally renowned sport researchers.

The information on this site is a product of professional research, reporting and journalism, backed with references on almost every page.

The information on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or advice from a licensed medical professional — health, wellness, nutrition and training needs are different for each person.